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Please update this app to work with the latest operating system.

Love this for kids and building

Please update for iOS 11


Please update to iOS 11. Your app is of no value to my students or school district until it is updated.


For os 11 please

Need to update this app to iOS 11 yesterday!

You need to update this app to iOS 11 because right now it has no functionality with my device. I’ve used it on earlier versions and I like it, but can’t use it until you update this.

Why, Autodesk?

We really don't need another 3d model viewer. You've published at least 3. Why do you keep making these?

Better !

This is a useful publisher tool.

It ok

I can't find out how to make my own


Autodesk inventor is horrible. It always deletes things and makes objects invisible. Never get Autodesk inventor.

Like the concept

I like the idea of the app and think it really has a lot of potential but I can't figure out how to load my own designs of it

Pretty nice

Wow it's pretty good can see others inventions very helpful but it's total your view


I love to use autodesk inventor in school now I can do it anywhere THANK YOU!!!!


What. When was this app created like 2006


I really liked using it when I forgot my laptop at home and I had to present my robot over cad drawings


It doesn't let me do anything!!!!!!!!

Very good game

Your can learn from this, and it is very fun! We actually use it in school!


Fun app

All good since the update

All works now since the update! Thank you!

Project Engineer

This used to be a really cool app!!!! However, whom ever is suppose to be maintaining this APP? I am not sure they have done much with it lately???? I do wish they would come back to work soon. I give 3 stars because I do have a few items on there. Would be a 5 star if I could have uploaded today?


Same here. Every time you want to open your files, it crashes flawlessly


When I tap on downloads it crashes and won't view my project

App crashes when trying to download new file in iPhone 5.

I recently updated the app, but it still crashes when you try to download new files on the iPhone. Can someone from Autodesk look into this?

Stone ages

I downloaded this app when it first came out and was happy just to have 3D work instructions on my iPad. It was new, it was cool. Now it's just lame. I don't think the developers have kept up with the Jones's over time. Maybe they don't think mobility is the direction people are going? Doubtful. Mobility is key for the future of work instructions, service, training, etc. Maybe they just dropped the ball. SAP's Visual Enterprise Viewer is leaps and bounds ahead of this has been. Try it. Better interface, more info at your fingertips. Just all-around easier to use and has many more features. I'm glad I didn't pay for this app. It's a circus trick.

Ipad 2 VS Ipad3

Some models loaded on iPad 3 state that capacity is to large. If you try this on iPad 2 it works. Please fix this!


Stay far away from this app and from Publisher. I have had nothing but trouble with their products, and the lack of backward compatibility on the new mobile view is the last straw.

Real inventor

I wish u could actually make stuff like the one on the computer...

Great application

Why is it that each time Autodesk puts out an update none of the models carry over? Come on..this is getting old really quick. I like the new title bar, but wish it would be turned off if wanted.

Need to change background color

Great software, one star until we can change the gray background. Then you get 5.


I get how you can view the inventions and I get how you upload it from your computer, but I would like the new update to actually let you create the invention from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. But besides that the 3D graphics are amazing and I am looking forward to your next apps you choose to create.


Looks great, have trouble with applied colors showing up on my phone app when they work on the computer. But the $2,500 is a joke, we may be buying 4-5 seats of inventor.

Great idea, but costs $2500 to use.

On the iPad, this is a killer app. But don't charge me $2500 to use it. I have the $10,000 Autodesk Inventor Product Design Suite ULTIMATE 2012 and it doesn't include the Autodesk Inventor Publisher application needed to use this app. It has all the other Inventor products. Most of which are useless like mud box and fusion. They come up with a good idea with publisher and you gotta pay extra. I guess the ULTIMATE is not so ULTIMATE anymore.

Good idea

It's a very good app, runs great on my 3GS, i like it, but i can't upload a file from my computer, i don't have an inventor ID just some files i want to look at. Udate please!

Good Concept, but that's about it.

This is a good idea overall, especially with engineering projects that are shared throughout many locations or on the go. But this platform doesn't work well for it. I have so much lag that the app freezes up when viewing an object and I can no longer use the app. I don't see any quality controls either.


Seems like a great app except I am unable to log in or upload models. I hope they either fix this or somebody else finds a way to upload rhem

Update please!

This seems like a cool application but I have no idea how to get my files into it. Please please let us transfer files using iTunes or even better let us "open with" autodesk inventor. The only reason I have this app is because I'm hoping that update is coming. Until then it only takes up space.

Good but

I cant get it to login I even checked the website and my email and pass was exactly right. Pls fix


This is cool, but when can I get a viewer for my 3ds files? ;)


The thing that i dont like is the fact that you cant make anything!!!!!

Finally!! Wake up Solidworks

This is a great app! We use a lot of 3D models in our troubleshooting and field service work. We use typically use eDrawings, but this opens the door for a lot on the fly updates. The only thing that is frustrating, is you have to use the auto desk website. It would be nice to be able to download files from our servers. Over all I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a 3D package. The models rotate smooth and the graphics are excellent.

Good Luck getting program to work when Autodesk Login doesn't work

Program starts very well. That's about it. You can't log into your account, new account etc to load files such that you can download them to the mobil application. When you try to contact support, you can simply send them a message, research your problem (which by the way, they don't have a category for fixing accounts or login). We can get through the log in screen, but then it takes you to a reset your password screen. This is it. You simply get locked into a cycle of resetting your password.


Incredible interface. Fast pan and zoom. This app will change the way to present projects.

Finally, Autodesk! Thanks!

I've Been using Inventor for a few years now for First Robotics I am CAD captain for my team, and now I can send our files to the members!

What a great App!

What an awesome app for viewing instructions. This is a perfect use for my iPhone and will save me hours of searching for books.


This is great, AWESOME. I have been using Inventor 3D modeling since Rev. 1. Now I can show my assembly designs in the iPad. And create assembly instructions for the iPad, as well as the iPhone. Can't wait to get hands on the Autodesk 3D modeling program for the Mac. After using the iPad, I'll be glad to swicth to the Mac from the PC.


After using the beta version for awhile, I can say this app is pretty amazing. To be able to view and rotate and zoom in on a 3D Inventor model on the iPad is incredibly useful.

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